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Etiquette shouldn’t be a bunch of outdated rules from past generations. It should be an evolving set of conventions that we decide as a community about everyday things that might be a nuisance. Phone-etiquette, vaping-etiquette, online-etiquette, drive-thru etiquette, gaming-etiquette. The list goes on.

Islanders should be talking about what’s cool or not so cool in modern life.



Modern etiquette on prince edward island

Etiquette. What a fun and welcoming word, right? You know, that thing that makes us all tense up before walking into a new environment. Dinner at someone’s house or at a nice restaurant, wine tasting, or just bein

g introduced to someone new. It’s a word that carries a lot of negative connotations....

Phone etiquette on prince edward island

Okay, let’s first agree that smartphones are amazing pieces of technology. Seriously. Just think how such a tiny little metal box that fits into your pocket has enough power to send a spaceship into orbit, or tell you almost anything you need to know. And one day, that amazing piece of magic is going to be considered archaic by some new piece of technology.

But no matter how amazing it is, some Islanders just don’t get how obnoxious or just plain rude they can be when using their phone. So let’s lay down some basic rules...

  #PhoneEtiquette  - 28 May 2018

#PhoneEtiquette - 28 May 2018