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Mayzil.com is a weekly online magazine seeking to add new perspectives to Prince Edward Island. By using creating non-fiction storytelling, entertainment and opinion pieces, Mayzil aims to give a voice to unpopular or unexplored topics and how they relate to the Island. Mayzil publishes issue explorations, investigative features, human-interest stories, first-person narratives, personal essays and culture pieces. Contributing articles are 500 - 1,000 words, starting at $50. Features articles are 1,000 - 2,500 words, starting at $100. Illustrations and photographs start at $5.

Writer’s Guidelines:

So you’re a bit of a wordsmith, eh? And you got something interesting to write about related to P.E.I., eh? Well then, why not shoot us a message and pitch us an idea. What’s the worst that could happen? Get paid for it!?

We’re looking for contributing and feature writers to tell new, thought provoking stories about P.E.I.. And better yet, we found some coins between the couch cushions, so you can even get paid for your work!

What sets Mayzil stories apart? Well, they break the mould. We’re looking for writers who have a unique tone, incorporate humour into their work, bring up thought provoking ideas, and  are--preferably, provocative. Writers who like say to say fuck and know where it looks best in a sentence.

We’re looking for writers who can tell colourful stories about unpopular or unexplored topics on the Island. Stories that avoid cliches. You know, that puffy-stuff about Anne of Green Gables, about Islanders being so hospitable, our food so plentiful, and our landscape so beautiful. It’s easy to pat ourselves on the back for these things, but that won’t help Island society progress.

The advantage of writing for Mayzil is that you can be flexible with your writing style and with the topic ideas you pitch. Generally speaking, here are some things to avoid:

  • Being a negative-Nancy: Constructive criticism is fine when done properly. But cynicism isn’t cool. Even the darkest topic has a ray of light on the horizon. Sometimes you just need to look harder.


  • Generalizing: Yeah, we get it. Liberals, or conservatives, or the Green Party, or the NDP is the spawn of Satan! And don’t forget about refugees, millennials, fags, and Asians, right! If none of your family or friends has told you just how ridiculous you sound when you cluster-together, generalize, and dehumanize huge groups of people then we will. We’ll tell you right before we don’t publish you.


  • PR: The dreaded public-relations. We’re not here to copy and paste media releases from governments or big-businesses. We’re here to analyse and delve into topics, not toe the company line. Journalism comes in different styles, and that’s what we employ.


  • Brobdingnagianisms: Is that a typo? Nope, it just means big. As in big words. Try to avoid that academic, hoity-toity way of writing. If that’s your personality, that’s totally cool. But remember, the aim is to write for the “lay-reader”. Or as industry-types say, write for Aunt May. You know that sweet, little old lady we all know who plays solitaire while listening to the radio. The one who left the Island only once, 40 years ago, and doesn’t drive into Charlottetown any more because she’s afraid to navigate the roundabouts. Her.

And remember, it is Mayzil. If Aunt May is reading your work on here, think to yourself that she’s the cool aunt who smokes weed now that she’s a pensioner. Not a lot of weed. Just the odd pinner before bed.

To add some more clarity, here are some other general guidelines:

  • All work must be non-fiction and if necessary, verifiable. Creative non-fiction is strongly encouraged for all submissions. Add colour. Show, don’t tell.


  • Unorthodox tone and style are encouraged, but slanderous and unfounded personal claims are unacceptable.


  • Must be willing to request edits and feedback.


  • Please explain any relevant background you have as a writer and send samples of published works. These should highlight your writing style and tone.


  • All work must be original. On payment Mayzil owns web rights and North American rights to your submission.


  • Accuracy and transparency are non-negotiable. Please fully-disclose any conflicts of interest you may have in regard to your work.


  • Supporting documents should include interviewee names with contact information, other sources of information, weblinks, and photos that are properly credited. All source information is kept in the strictest confidence and will be safeguarded against unlawful access.


  • Our starting payment is standard for publications of this this size and style. Writing is a specialized skill. Talented and return-writers will have the opportunity to make higher than standard rates.


  • Solutions-based articles are recommended and may warrant higher payment.


  • We are always open to new ideas. Don’t be shy, or think that our submissions guidelines are rigid and inflexible.


So you think you got what it takes? Or just really want a few bucks? Well then, here’s the process:

  1. Send an email to editor@mayzil.com. In your subject line make sure to write either “Query” or “Pitch”, followed by what you want to write about. Or if it's easier, use the box below.

  2. Expect a reply with some feedback. Not all queries will be accepted. If that happens don’t take it personally, or shut-down. There’s probably a good reason why. Fire-off another idea to us. Otherwise, if it’s green-lighted, we’ll talk edits, structure, payment and deadline.

  3. Make sure you meet the deadline. Once your story is accepted with all supporting photos, documents, etc. then we’ll let you know when it will likely be published and send you some cash-monies.

  4. Then go back to step one and get started on the next piece, or sit back and wait to see your work get published.

We are currently accepting submissions for:


Contributing Writer

Word count: 500 - 1000 /article

Payment: Starting at $50 /article

Should focus on a central topic. These styles include issue exploration, first-person narratives, personal essays and culture pieces. Perhaps you have some unique opinions about something, or want to document a personal journey. Supporting documents like photos, interviews, links, etc. aren’t necessary but can be included.


Features Writer

Word count: 1000 - 2500 /article

Payment: Starting at $100 /article

These styles include investigative features, human-interest stories, and issue exploration. Supporting documents must be included. Experience in journalism is an asset, but not necessary. You don’t need 11 years experience and two U.S. presidents as references like other places.

Features written in a solutions-based style are preferred and may warrant higher payment.

Illustrator or Photographer

Payment: Starting a $5 /item

Creativity knows no limit! Send us your work and we just might make an offer.


Recommended Reading

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