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Mission Statement

Mayzil’s mission is to empower Islanders.

By bringing to PEI new perspectives that are non-partisan and freely available to every Islander, the goal is to get people talking and thinking about ways to rejuvenate Island society.

Some publications on PEI focus on the Island’s past while others chronicle current events. Mayzil looks to the future and studies viable options to improve the quality of life for Islanders. It’s a matter of copying the successes of other societies across Canada and around the world. It means questioning the fundamentals of our society, questioning social norms, understanding what the future will likely bring, and how those factors will affect one another.

It means thinking globally and acting locally.

Today more than ever, it’s crucially important for societies to be able to adapt to the changes and challenges modern life brings. It’s Mayzil’s mission to bring to Islanders those solutions and ways to implement them.

As Stephen Hawkings said “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”

By using a hybrid of advocacy and solutions journalism, entertainment and opinion pieces, Mayzil aims to bring positive change to PEI. In doing so it will abide by standard journalism ethics.

Business Structure

Mayzil is a registered business with the Province of Prince Edward Island. It is 100% Island-owned and operated and independent from government or corporate funding.

As a journalistic entity, Mayzil’s purpose is to promote and defend the public good and hold those in power to account. If you wish to support Mayzil then please donate to our cause.

Mayzil publishes original content each Monday.


Jason MacGregor graduated from the University of King’s College in Halifax, Nova Scotia where he majored in International Development Studies with a minor in Journalism. While at King’s College he was president of the local chapter of Journalists for Human Rights and wrote for the DalGazette and The Watch student newspapers.

Jason was born and raised outside Souris, Prince Edward Island in the small community of Bayfield. There he discovered his passion for journalism early in life. As a child he spent hours creating a publication called The Northside Journal for fun on a primitive MacIntosh computer.

In 2011, with funds from the Island Narratives Project, Jason co-authored a history of Eastern PEI called Eastern Kings: Where the Sun Rises and the Tides Meet. He also ran for a seat that year in the provincial general election with the now defunct Island Party. It was during that campaign that he made international headlines for a proposal dubbed “Doctors for Potatoes”.

Since 2006 Jason has also been a member of the Canadian Armed Forces Army Reserve. He has served full time for several years with signals regiments in positions such as quartermaster, operations warrant officer and crypto custodian.

Some of his favourite activities include snowboarding, biking, and playing piano or guitar.


1. another way of saying might as well
“I mayzil give ‘er a try”

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