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"I began to hallucinate at night when I was trying to fall asleep. Black figures of demons, screaming women, and babies with broken bones would fill my room.

I had insomnia at the time, so it was much like a nightmare from which I could not wake. I got a couple of hours of sleep every night, and in the morning they would be gone."

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"Recent provincial government announcements declaring more help is on its way for lower-income Islanders, is just another jab to the sides of those who fall in the middle-income bracket – still striving to make ends meet."

"As a small island with very limited resources, it would appear at first glance that we don’t have much to work with – but is that correct? With a growing movement to re-industrialize North America (spearheaded by U.S. president Donald Trump and recently-elected Ontario Ppremier Doug Ford), there’s no better time like the present for P.E.I to get in on the action and bring some of those manufacturing jobs to our shores."

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Mayzil magazine is a weekly online magazine seeking to add new perspectives to Prince Edward Island. By using creating non-fiction storytelling, entertainment and opinion pieces, Mayzil aims to give a voice to unpopular or unexplored topics and how they relate to the Island. Mayzil publishes issue explorations, investigative features, human-interest stories, first-person narratives, personal essays and culture pieces. Contributing articles are 500 - 1,000 words, starting at $50. Features articles are 1,000 - 2,500 words, starting at $100. Illustrations and photographs start at $5.